A character foil to Nyxis. Samson is a spotted orange-and-golden Labrador-collie. He often wears aviator glasses and his weapon is a giant preserved mammoth bone (Both items were procured without permission from Kade Castle's human museum). Samson was accidentally knighted in a name mix-up. Despite Eflasia's initial doubts about his abilities, Samson successfully follows orders, albeit in his own aloof, happy-go-lucky way. He treats every fight like a game of fetch or tug-of-war, has a lucky streak, and has a profound ability to communicate with animals, eventually placing him the Fontisian Military's Husbandry Division. Whereas Nyxis is intellectual, introverted, and cynical, Samson is spontaneous, extroverted, and carefree. Samson gains a godlike aura and dignified demeanor when he grows his hair long, and Nyxis is inexplicably attracted to him in this state.