Geneside by Lorraine

Roxxanne, a research subject, meets Espe, a company mascot.

Humans created anthropomorphic animals (furries) in laboratories. Furries were hailed as a pinnacle of scientific advancement. Ethics had not caught up to the technology yet, so being neither human nor animal, furries were used as research subjects or trained for tasks considered too dangerous for humans, often for governments or independent companies that could afford them. In rarer cases, furries were purchased as intelligent pets or mascots for individuals with the wealth or connections to acquire them.

The prequel short story Geneside follows the experiences of Roxxanne, a research subject who regards her issued enclosure as a prison. Roxxanne is one of many subjects at the Drug Testing Facility of Geneside, a company that creates furries and has several facilities for cloning, testing, and general research on furries to benefit human society.

The events of Blindside occur millions of years after a catastrophe that wiped out the human species. Most of the present-day Eflasiaverse population believes that modern anthropomorphic animals evolved independently after the fall of mankind, as few artifacts from the far past have survived to pose potential evidence otherwise.