Lumina by Lorraine

Lumina in early springtime.

The Kingdom of Light

In a depress in the side of a cold mountainous shore lies the Kingdom of Light. More of an enormous city than a kingdom, Lumina is a true anarchy where each person looks out for themselves, occasionally forming alliances or gangs with those who are like-minded.

Lumina is named for the culmination of various lights that never turn off so its citizens can safely navigate. It is a large hub of tourism and nightlife. Some citizens have blacklight tattoos showing brief summaries about themselves: whether they are law enforcement, businessperson, and so on.

The terrain has scarce shrubbery and conifers, and snow falls every winter. Lumina's spring is a cluster of deep underwater waterfalls near the shore. As homes and businesses began to expand from the ground, they were built vertically up the cliffs. Sturdy walkways large and small bridge the gaps between the buildings and high rocks. The present-day interior of the kingdom is so insulated, it would be pitch black if no lighting were present, and even harsh weather does not reach its lower levels.