The Kingdom of Ice

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Powered by the nuclear energy of an extremely powerful spring, this snow-capped kingdom surrounds the crater of an extinct volcano, the source of the spring. Citizens live mostly in homes carved from the cave walls. The Kingdom was built far too close to the spring. As a result, the citizens have highly magical abilities but are also considered insane by the outside world. The best way to explain this is that they are akin to sociopaths: human life is not something they feel needs to be protected. (It is not that they cannot feel emotions; they are extremely attuned to others’ emotional states. Rather, their ways of thinking do not equal out to that of a normal person’s. To them, suffering is more severe than death. For example, if somebody is trapped under a rock and screaming in pain, instead of lifting the rock, an Ice Kingdom citizen will opt to bash in the trapped person’s head. The trapped person would not be in pain anymore, and the trapped person would not have wanted to be alive but permanently maimed from that rock anyways.)

Ice Kingdom citizens gravitate strongly towards wild magic (Not the magic used in battles that has been filtered through a channeler, but the raw, intense power of spring magic.) Wild magic to them is like a drug, and they have an insatiable need for it. Due to feeling uncomfortable if they are not near a source of wild magic, they tend not to leave their kingdom. They usually have aloof stares and body language as if they are not quite all there, and speech-wise tend to ramble or go on unrelated tangents. Although uncommonly found outside their kingdom, if they are present in the outside world, they are usually kept as pets. Their magic is usually sealed in this case by fitting them with an un-removable (by themselves) enchanted collar.

Of Ice Kingdom citizens and outsiders who have had children, only three or four of the offspring in all of history have been in their right minds, but this number includes some of the most powerful wizards in the world (with only one existing at the present, Lyrus the Ram.) The Kingdom of Ice itself is generally a safe place to be as long as rules are followed; this is because criminals are happily devoured alive by the citizens, who can go years without sustenance due to the spring magic. (Food is hardly found in this region, so corpses are considered a delicacy.) It is not advised to stay more than a month within the Kingdom of Ice, or visitors will start to go insane from the spring themselves. Population-wise, most are arctic animals.